100% Halal

Certified by Scholars and Scientists

Certified by IFANCA and EIAC

Maya Halal Nail Polish has been certified as 100% halal by the International Food & Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) - one of the world’s leading resources for halal information, which is fully accredited by the Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) in the UAE.

A nonprofit headquartered in Illinois, the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) is a global leader in halal certification and education. Featured in various media including The Wall Street Journal, Prepared Foods magazine, CNBC, and CNN, IFANCA has been promoting halal since 1982. IFANCA was awarded the "Best Halal Related Service Provider Award" by the Halal Journal at the World Halal Forum in 2007 and the "Islamic Economy Award for Compliance and Standardization" at the Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES®) in 2013.

100% Halal and Wudu Friendly

Prior to the creation of porous nail polish, Muslim women were not allowed to wear nail polish because it interferes with wudu or ablution — the Islamic procedure of washing parts of the body before prayer. If you have nail polish on that is non-porous, that may not be considered halal. Luckily today Maya Cosmetics offers an alternative that has been verified as 100% Halal and 100% Wudu-Friendly, as well as given a halal nail polish fatwa, by numerous scholars.

Breathable and Water Permeable

MAYA’s breathable nail polish has been scientifically verified to be water permeable by SGS Labs. 

Testing & Certification: SGS Labs conducts a full range of product testing of nail polish, such as water permeability, safety and functionality tests, to certification. SGS Labs’ aim is to ensure that Maya Cosmetics products are as good at protecting consumers and meeting their expectations as we claim.

Inspection: SGS Labs do production checks before, during and after production, as well as retail store checks to verify the quality of your raw materials and production, marking and packaging, and product presentation.

See how breathable formula works 

breathable nail polish testingOur halal nail polish comes in 36 vibrant colors and it is completely free of chemicals!