How to use

Unlike other nail polishes in the market, there is no need to remove MAYATM halal nail polish before making wudu. You may keep MAYATM on for however many days you wish. Simply follow the below directions and watch the video below. 

How to apply Maya Halal Nail Polish:

  • Apply one layer of Maya halal nail polish
  • Add a layer of Maya halal top coat if desired 
We are certified for one coat of nail polish + one coat of top coat (if necessary). Remember that one coat can consist of numerous strokes of the brush allowing full coverage.

    How to make Wudu/Ablution with Maya Halal Nail Polish:

    • For optimal water and oxygen permeability, run your nails under water and rub gently for 10 seconds
    • Please try this filter test on your own to gauge how much polish should be applied to be wudu-compliant.

    Our halal nail polish comes in 36 vibrant colors and it is completely chemical free!